Magician for Corporate Events

On stage in front of 2500 people or intimately close-up for heads of state, celebrities and executives; for over twenty years this magician has been entertaining audiences around the world with his unique style and personality. Whether the show is for goodwill or you need it customized to get across important points and ideas, he can help you realize your goals and objectives and make your people, your company, your products and your services the real stars and the center of attention.

What can you expect when he entertains your group?

Anaheim_CA_Magician                                                            CorporateMagician

 What can you expect when he entertains your group?

1. Your Guests and Associates Become the Stars of the Show.                                                           Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and this magician lets your guests shine.

2. Entertainment that is Clean and Non-Offensive.                                                                                  No blue or questionable material. His reputation depends on it and so does yours.

3. Hilariously Funny Without Being Embarrassing.                                                                               Your guests and associates will laugh up a storm – without getting red-faced.

4. Exciting, Amazing and Full of Surprises!                                                                                               Magic so incredible, it causes eyes to pop and mouths to drop!

5. Talented and Experienced.                                                                                                                           He has been a professional entertainer for over 20 years.

6. Interactive and Suspenseful.                                                                                                                       He keeps you on the edge of your chair and everyone actively involved rather than just passive.

7. Different, Mysterious and Engaging.                                                                                                         Magic that is fresh and new! Surround yourself and your guests with glamour and excitement!

8. Memorable, Lighthearted and Fun.                                                                                                           They’ll be talking about your event for months to come.